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Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units

A Power Distribution Unit (PDUs) protects your data center systems from electrical line problems and other external disturbances. We offer a full line of PDUs to deliver conditioned power to your equipment, regardless of your project size or budget. Browse our power distribution units, including a variety of power distribution cabinets and remote distribution cabinets.

Liebert FPC Power Distribution Cabinet

Provides high quality, flexible power distribution for high-density data centers. It is engineered to combine the convenience and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested unit with the flexibility of a custom-tailored power system. This self-contained system provides power isolation, power distribution, computer-grade grounding and power monitoring.

Liebert PPC Distribution Cabinet

Power conditioning and distribution cabinet that offers the benefits of a custom-tailored system, with the convenience and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested system. Housed in a single, self-contained cabinet, it combines distribution, computer-grade grounding, isolation, and power monitoring to provide the protection your vital computer or communications equipment demands.

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