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Rack PDU

Rack PDU Solutions

When you need to protect your mission-critical data center systems and organize cabinet space, choose a rack mount PDU solution. Browse our full line of Rack PDU Solutions below, including managed and adaptive PDUs or use the Rack PDU Selection Tool. The Rack PDU Selection Tool will assist you to select the right products for your unique needs.

Rack PDU Selector

Rack PDU Selector

The Rack PDU Selector Tool is useful to assist you with selection of integrated power distribution units for server racks and enclosures. This tool assists you to choose the product(s) which specifically meet your needs from multiple product lines.

Air and Power Solutions Knürr DI-STRIP Basic Rack PDUs

Knürr DI-STRIP Basic Rack PDUs

Basic Rack PDUs are the right answer for data center users selecting robust, economical and flexible rack power solutions. DI-STRIP rack PDUs meet a broad range of power distribution requirements for IT and other applications. Designed especially to handle the growing number of electronic components that can be housed within network cabinets and server racks, the space saving product line is available in a range of configurations.


MPH2 Managed Rack PDU

The Vertiv MPH2 line of rack mount power distribution units offers you a full array of control and monitoring features. You get full control capabilities, environmental sensing, and remote monitoring. Browse the the MPH2 models.


MPX Adaptive Rack PDU

Confidently take on the uncertain future of connected power requirements with MPX, the most responsive and adaptive rack PDU available.

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