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Industrial Controls

ASCO Industrial Controls

Keep your facility’s power systems operating at optimal levels with our line of ASCO industrial controls. These industry-recognized controls feature lighting contactors and control panels with patented single, bi-directional solenoid operators. Browse the selection below and contact a representative with specific questions.

ASCO 641 Lighting Control Panel

Our line of standard and custom lighting control panels are designed to meet all lighting control application needs. ASCO 641 Lighting Control Panels are designed for automatic and manual on/off control of parking lot lighting, signs, building exterior lights, security lighting, interior safety lighting, and recreational lighting areas.

ASCO 918 Lighting Contactor

The ASCO 918 provides reliable and convenient lighting control in numerous applications, including enhanced performance for high inrush current loads such as High Intensity Discharge (HID) and metal halide lighting.

ASCO 920 Lighting Contactors

Easy to use and quick to install, ASCO 920 Lighting Contactors for Feeder Circuits feature all-position mounting, no derating for high inrush loads and a reliable single-solenoid operator. They can be used with energy management systems which automatically control lighting and power circuits.

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