Albér Universal Xplorer Telecom Battery Monitors (UXTM)

A real time battery monitor designed for use in telecommunications or in DC powered data centers.


Monitor Critical ParametersReal Time Overall String VoltageIndividual Cell/Block VoltagesIndividual Cell/Block TemperaturesAmbient TemperatureDischarge, Float, and Ripple CurrentProactive Battery State of Health TestingTests the Entire Battery System's IntegrityInternal Cell/Block Resistance TestIntercell and Intertier Connection Resistance TestStand Alone SystemNo Onsite Computer is Required for Monitoring and AlarmingEasily integrates to building management systemsEmbedded Web Server with Priority Email Scheduler24x7 data collection, analysis, and remote alarm notification


Automate the IEEE Recommended Practices for battery maintenance and testingMonitor up to four strings in parallelRobust design will monitor any 24V to 48V battery configurationStay connected with Web enabled technologyMultiple remote communications and alarm options

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