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How To Leverage Edge Solutions To Improve Your Healthcare Facility

How to Leverage Edge Solutions to Improve Your Healthcare Facility

We’re experiencing a fundamental shift in the way we experience healthcare.

With the surge of COVID-19, healthcare facilities face new, critical demands in the way they deliver patient care.

While doctors and nurses navigate adopting interoperability and telehealth solutions to enhance the way they provide care, IT and operations departments are embracing the edge to help keep up on the demand.

The Challenge of Healthcare IT

The increasing need to reduce costs and improve capacity are driving healthcare providers to look for ways to improve efficiency and worker productivity.

As healthcare facilities work together to combat the virus, the technology and network needed to support them is equally critical.

Rethink Your IT Architecture

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and concerns regarding availability, expanding your network is a must.

Embracing innovation while driving costs down should be at the forefront of your edge transformation strategy.

You’ll need to rethink your IT architecture that supports edge growth.  You can plan and prepare by asking questions:

  • Where do you need to add capacity?
  • How can you add it efficiently with minimal downtime?
  • How can you manage new edge sites effectively?

Additionally, you’ll need to plan on how to mitigate higher energy consumption. Economizers and lithium ion batteries are just one of the many ways you can help support efficiency.

Invest in New Equipment that Supports Your Goals

Aging equipment will no longer cut it. Old systems can hold you back and not fully support your edge goals.

But a complete overhaul of systems can be costly. Start by identifying and prioritizing which equipment is need of an upgrade and phase in new purchases as your budget allows.

Equipment upgrades and replacements will help decrease costs and environmental footprint offering a better return on your investment in the long run.

Centralize Visibility and Management

With more connected devices and staff on board means more computing capacity is critical.

So, an investment in robust remote monitoring should be top of your list. This will help you monitor environmental conditions and troubleshoot issues quickly.

In addition to centralizing visibility and management, be sure to train staff on your company’s policies and protocols as new technologies and medical equipment integrate with the network.

Prepare for the Edge with Confidence

Move and grow your edge network with confidence.

We can help you design, prepare, and plan your edge network with our industry-leading data center solutions:

Partner with Dedicated Mission-Critical Solution Experts

Beyond the challenges related to COVID-19, the healthcare industry is a complex industry. You need a partner who understands the requirements for your industry with dedication to efficiency and safety.

We can not only help your facility face today’s challenges, but continue to help lower your power costs, increase your security, and create a strong, reliable infrastructure, so you and your team can focus on providing your patients with the best possible care.

Contact us today to learn more.

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