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The Rise of Pre-Fabricated Modular (PFM) Data Centers

Traditional data centers have come a long way from the “stick-build” approach. With the growing capacity demands of the network edge and quicker deployments, more facilities need an alternative design method like pre-fabricated modular data centers. In fact, 451 Research predicts the pre-fabricated market will reach revenues of $4 billion in 2020.  

But, is this alternative solution right for your facility?  

What Exactly is a Prefabricated Modular Data Center? 

With new trends comes a learning curve.  

A PFM data center is customized to your facility’s unique infrastructure, including geography, climate, IT applications, and more.

This type of solution is pre-engineered, meaning systems are assembled, integrated, and tested in a factory environment.  

With its flexible configurations and integrations, your IT needs are continuously supported, even as they change and evolve. 

Why Make the Switch Away from Traditional?

Traditional data center design and deployment takes time and money. And during assembly and installation, inevitable errors can happen: underutilized systems, higher operating costs, and stretched capacity prevents you from harnessing the full advantage of your investment. 

Whereas a pre-fabricated data center offers: 

  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces implementation costs compared to conventional data center approaches. 
  • Faster Deployment: Quicker to deploy a data center solution, you can be up and running in weeks instead of months or years. 
  • Flexibility & ScalabilityCan add it onto an existing data center footprint or combine data centers into a single system. 

The good news: with the growing pre-fab market trend also comes extensive, top-of-the-line product offerings.

Think “Smart” with Pre-Fab Data Center Design 

Leading the innovation of pre-fabricated data centers is Vertiv and their Smart Solutions offering, including The SmartMod™. 

This intelligent infrastructure saves on planning and implementation by delivering fully integrated power, precision cooling, integrated fire suppression, and management systems in a modular, standalone design.  

The SmartMod™ Featured Highlights: 

  • Rapidly deploy a comprehensive data center infrastructure solution. 
  • Works as a stand-alone design, so it doesn’t affect existing infrastructure. 
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 28% compared to a traditional data center. 
  • Includes flexible capacity configurations: 30-400kW; 6-28 racks. 

Ready to Go Pre-Fab in Your Facility?

As your Local Vertiv Office, our team of professionals has the expertise and experience of optimizing infrastructures of all shapes, sizes, and environments.  

We’ll partner with you to identify and implement a custom solution for your environment. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pre-fabricated solutions.

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