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Battery Service with Ntegrated Monitoring

Battery Service with Ntegrated Monitoring

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Battery Service with Ntegrated Monitoring | FeatureInfographics

Your UPS system relies on fully functioning batteries. Knowing when UPS battery failure is imminent allows you to repair or replace in order to avoid costly downtime. The only way to gain this knowledge is through continuous monitoring of your batteries. By combining regular, on-site battery service with remote monitoring and maintenance, you can significantly improve system availability through early detection of potential problems, and rapid response to battery defects and degradation.


  • Site survey by Vertiv battery experts assesses equipment configuration and installation requirements
  • Installation services start with a site walk-through and inspection prior to the installation of monitoring equipment and related components
  • Startup includes energization of batteries and monitoring equipment, software programming, and verification of proper operation
  • Preventive maintenance occurs remotely as determined by the continuous collection of performance data and on-site annually


  • Minimized downtime for improved availability results from combining regular service with around-the-clock oversight
  • Reduced emergency maintenance costs happen due to ongoing battery insight that allows you to take preventive measures
  • Longer battery service life is possible when you have the ability to optimize the power system causing less strain on UPS batteries
  • Better asset management occurs as continuous monitoring of battery parameters provides the true health of these critical assets

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