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NetSpan ProForm Series, Broadband Edge Enclosure

NetSpan ProForm Series, Broadband Edge Enclosure

The ProFORM FTTP vault series of pedestals mounts to the top of a pre-cast vault.


  • Easily bolts to the top of a pre-cast vault with the approved cutout
  • Universal Rear-mounting Bracket (URB) is used for optical terminal block mounting
  • FDP MI mounting plate is designed for slack storage, splicing and drops
  • A plastic center mounting plate is used for copper distribution and wire management
  • Seamless integral flood protection
  • Meets or exceeds Telcordia GR-13 CORE and RDUP PE-91 specifications
  • Accepted by the Rural Development Utilities Program (RDUP)


  • Integral flood protection
  • Lift-off dome for 360° access
  • Self locking
  • Slide and secure mounting plate slides and locks for easy installation

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