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Relay Upgrades and Replacements

Relay Upgrades and Replacements

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Keeping up with the rapid advances in technology and the increasing demand for improved power and reliability is a challenge for today’s electrical asset managers. Relay upgrades and replacements allow you to replace your obsolete protection system and take advantage of the advancements in protection technology without the expense of installing new switchgear.


  • Custom upgrade and retrofit solutions fit into the existing switchgear and require little or no modification, reducing replacement time and costs
  • Design and engineering ensure a retrofit that meets your cost, space, time, functionality, and regulatory compliance needs
  • Relay logic and settings ensure your protection scheme delivers the required protection for your operation
  • Installation services improve the speed and accuracy of the installation process
  • Relay startup and commissioning services include tests to verify calibration and proper operation


  • Enhanced system protection is achieved when engineers design a retrofit solution tailored to your system
  • Improved functionality and control happens as new relays utilize the latest technology and advanced communication capabilities
  • Better system insight for data-driven decision making is possible as the built-in protocols of microprocessor relays make data available anywhere on your system
  • Improved reliability and mean time between failures (MTBF) results from having proper relay settings and a protection scheme that is expertly engineered
  • Simplified calibration and extended intervals between testing lead to lower overall maintenance costs
  • Simplified regulatory compliance is possible due to self-testing features that streamline or simplify required testing and reporting

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