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Single-Line Diagrams

Single-Line Diagrams

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If your facility is like most, equipment and loads are continually added or removed in small increments, constantly changing your electrical infrastructure. The impact of these changes is not always apparent until some part of the system becomes overloaded or exhibits other problems. Keeping your single-line diagram up to date provides a road map that enables proper protection and system reliability, and is necessary for NFPA 70E compliance.


  • Site survey is conducted by trained technicians to collect information about your electrical infrastructure in order to develop an up-to-date schematic
  • Single-line diagram development clearly documents your electrical distribution system layout and design, giving you a blueprint for electrical system analysis
  • Single-line diagram review and update of your existing schematic provides you with current documentation to better coordinate future testing and achieve regulatory compliance
  • Compliance and safety check is completed to ensure your facility is up to code, helping safeguard your infrastructure and employees


  • Enhanced safety happens as reviews, surveys and checks identify potential risks before a problem occurs
  • Improved effectiveness of critical response plans is possible with an up-to-date schematic of your electrical distribution system
  • Ensured compliance with code regulations happens as single-line diagrams are updated or created
  • More effective future engineering services, which enable performance optimization, are possible when you have accurate system information View Diagram

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