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Thermal Preventive Maintenance

Thermal Preventive Maintenance

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Thermal management equipment is designed to meet the needs of dynamic heat loads in your data center. Boost system performance and avert potentially costly problems by implementing a preventive maintenance program. Properly trained technicians, following manufacturer recommendations and using OEM parts can have a profound effect on your equipment’s performance and your data center’s availability.


  • Operational checks of key cooling components ensure proper system operation
  • Cleanliness checks eliminate the accumulation of dirt and debris from equipment to improve overall performance and efficiency
  • Component replacement such as routine changing of filters and blower belts keeps systems operating efficiently
  • Ancillary electrical check ensures that related components of the electrical distribution system are operating properly to support the cooling system
  • Comprehensive reports recommending system improvements and outlining all preventive maintenance activities are easily accessible via a web-based customer portal


  • Improved system availability is achieved through systematic inspection, detection, and correction of system issues
  • Greater energy efficiency occurs as equipment is properly integrated and tailored to your specific application
  • Better cost control is seen as major repairs are delayed due to regular maintenance
  • Longer equipment life results from your system being optimized to match cooling with the load, reducing wear and tear on components

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