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Trinergy Cube 400 kW Core

Trinergy Cube 400 kW Core

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Trinergy Cube 400 kW Core | ProductBadge

Trinergy™ Cube is the new generation of Trinergy UPS delivering unsurpassed performance to enterprise data centers. Ready to evolve with growing business demands, it offers the highest level of power availability as well as reduced TCO, minimum energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


  • Dynamic online mode for highest availability and up to 99% efficiency
  • Adoption of a three-level NPC2 topology for both rectifier and inverter   Availability
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Event analysis, waveform capturing and harmonic spectrum analyses
  • Data logging
  • VertivTM LIFETM Services remote diagnostic and preventive monitoring embedded in the UPS Capacity & Installation Flexibility
  • Configurable in various layouts
  • Simplified cable routing with unlimited input / output power connection availability
  • Increased energy density
  • Single unit configuration up to 3.4 MW  Smart Capacity
  • I/O Box and cores rated to operate continuously up to 55°C and capable of providing increased performance down to 20°C
  • Maximum input current of the UPS adjustable to meet specific protection rating requirements. View the Liebert Trinergy Cube Interactive Infographic


Uptime Enhancement
  • 24/7 remote diagnostics
  • Efficient data tracking Flexibility
  • Adapts to physical space constraints
  • Ideal for all sites: any geographical location and new or existing buildings
  • Allows more free space for IT equipment Adaptive Power Rating
  • Adapts power supplied to the load to respond to the environment conditions of the installation site
  • Optimized TCO
  • Significant electrical infrastructure and space savings
  • Under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, ETL listed products can claim back 100% first year capital allowance.