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Storm-proofing Your Facility with a Reliable Battery Monitoring System

Cyber-attacks and physical attacks often cause panic attacks in even the most sophisticated data centers. It’s an ongoing battle to keep your mission-critical systems up and running. Mankind is the culprit of some of these attacks, whereas others are purely Mother Nature’s doing.

According to a 2021 study by the Uptime Institute, extreme weather affects nearly half of data centers. In the report, it was found that within this group, nearly one in 10 respondents (8.8%) suffered an outage or significant service disruption as a result.

Is your data center prepared to withstand an EF5 tornado? How about a Category 5 hurricane? A major lightning strike? Ice storm? Shark attack? (Ok, you can skip that last one).

While it’s important to consider extreme cases, run-of-the-mill storms are far more common and therefore should be top-of-mind. A seemingly small storm can certainly wreak havoc on a data center that isn’t properly equipped and prepared for disaster.

Within the above scenarios, a variety of precautions can be made, both structurally and internally, through software, equipment, and general protocols. Read on to see how partnering with Vertiv can help you mitigate storms, maximize availability, enhance performance, and reduce downtime as efficiently and economically as possible.

Step 1: Invest in a Reliable Battery Monitoring System

The best way to guarantee the highest level of reliability in your data center is to utilize a monitoring system for your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and batteries, with the guidance of qualified battery monitoring specialists.

Your mission-critical operations require reliable power sources. With a UPS and battery monitoring system, you can rest assured that your systems are well-maintained and always functioning optimally.
Battery monitoring equipment and battery monitoring specialists assess the condition of your DC power system around the clock, increasing mean time between failures (MTBF) by more than double when compared to preventive maintenance alone.

We are proud to partner with Vertiv-Liebert®, bringing you the most innovative, top-of-the-line products for all your mission-critical needs.

What sets Vertiv monitors apart from others is their ability to provide early warning of battery problems. The monitors check the state of health of each cell by performing a proactive resistance test, a reliable predictor of battery performance.

Here are some of the best options available on the market, brought to you by Vertiv’s Albér:

Albér BDS-256XL Battery Monitoring System

The Albér BDS–256XL is a stand–alone battery monitor for UPS applications. It monitors 2V-16V batteries, however, it is optimized to monitor 2V VLA cells.

This easy-to-use system tracks internal resistance, predicting and reporting failing conditions prior to complete battery failure.

Key features of the Albér BDS–256XL:
• Scans all pertinent battery parameters
• Performs a scheduled resistance test and stores results for trending
• Auto detects discharges and stores data for playback
• Signals if a parameter is outside user-programmed limits
• Communicates with an external computer using USB, modem, RS-232 or LAN (RJ-45)
• Network compatible

Albér BDSUi and BDSU-50 Integrated Battery Monitoring Systems

Our Albér BDSUi and BDSU-50 Integrated Battery Monitoring Systems provide detailed battery information, allowing for cost savings by optimizing useful battery life. Instead of waiting for an inevitable failure or replacing batteries prematurely, you can continue to utilize your batteries longer and with confidence by knowing their true internal condition.

The Albér BDSUi is designed for factory integration into Liebert UPS battery cabinets, whereas the Albér BDSU-50 is designed to mount on top of any brand of UPS battery cabinet or open rack.

Both of these products provide real-time battery monitoring for 12V and 16V modules in series. Learn more via Vertiv’s brochure.

When Do UPS Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

With all this talk of batteries, you may also be wondering how you can know for sure that your batteries need replacement. We’ve got your back. Check out our blog: 10 Signs It’s Time for a UPS Battery Replacement.

Step 2: Protect Your Equipment With Preventive Maintenance

To ensure indisputable, steadfast reliability in your data center, an expert in the field is essential. By investing in a reliable battery monitoring system, you’ll have the groundwork laid out, but remember that preventive maintenance is crucial for maintaining your systems and ensuring uptime.

Data center managers must facilitate Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), maintenance, and equipment life-cycle management to guarantee the availability of critical systems.

Unplanned outages can lead to crises in many data centers. To avoid this, we encourage you to consider the following preventive maintenance strategies to protect your data center and improve its performance and efficiency:

• Visual Inspection
• Cleaning
• Testing
• Reporting & Monitoring
• Repairs

Learn more about the best practices for data center maintenance and let us know when you’re ready for a consultation!

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Data centers are vital in our digital age. Upgrades and improvements are a true investment when it comes to these powerhouses, as many end users simply cannot afford even a few seconds of downtime in their daily operations, let alone minutes or hours of lost time.

Whether you’re gearing up for storm season, or just looking for everyday protection, you can rest assured that we have your back. By partnering with us, you’ll leverage around-the-clock support in your data center, yielding significantly decreased downtime and maximized system availability.

Contact us today to have a battery monitoring specialist assess the condition of your power system and ensure maximum uptime for your data center.

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